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RSU Great Hall
Moderator: Dr Valdis Ģībietis, Co-chair of RW2023 Scientific Committee
9:00–9:05Musical Performance by Dainis Tenis & Valters Pūce
9:05–9:15Opening Speech by RSU Rector, Prof. Dr. habil. med. Aigars Pētersons
9:15–9:20Opening speech by International Student Conference in Health and Social Sciences 2023 organizing committee chairmen
Klāvs Putenis
9:20–9:30Opening speech by Vice-Rector for Science PhD Agrita Kiopa
9:30–9:37Welcome address by Aiga Balode, Deputy State Secretary (acting), Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia
9:37–9:55Musical Performance by Dainis Tenis & Valters Pūce
9:55–10:20Ancient Genomes, What They Show Us and How They Can Help in Our Future
Janet Kelso, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany
10:20–10:45The New Role for Public Health: From Analysis to Advocacy and Action
Dineke Zeegers Paget, Strategic advisor, European Public Health Association
10:45–10:50Musical Performance by Dainis Tenis & Valters Pūce
10:50–11:15Disinformation and Fight Against It
Marianna Prysiazhniuk,, Ukraine