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Knowledge for Use in Practice

Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare - from Research to Practice

  • Artificial Intelligence in healthcare
  • Digital healthcare, telemedicine, virtual reality
  • Information technologies, data science, Big Data, Internet of Medical Things
  • Medical technologies - devices, materials, 3D printing, gadgets, biomedical engineering
  • Personalized medicine

Women's and Children's Health

  • Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Neonatology

 Oncology and Hematology

  • Oncology
  • Hematology

      Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases

      • Cardiovascular Diseases
      • Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases

      Mental Health and Neuroscience

      • Psychiatry
      • Neurology
      • Pediatric Neurology
      • Neuroradiology
      • Pain Medicine
      • Psychotherapy/Psychosomatics

      Infectious Diseases, Immunity and Allergology

      • Infectious Diseases
      • Clinical Microbiology
      • Epidemiology
      • COVID-19
      • Vaccination
      • Infections in the development of non-communicable diseases
      • Autoimmunity
      • Allergology

      Orthopedics – Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

      • Sports Medicine
      • Orthopedics and Trauma
      • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

      Dentistry and Pharmacy

      • Dentistry
      • Orthodontics
      • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
      • Biomaterials
      • Pharmaceutical Science 

      Other medical topics

      • Basic Medical Science (Biochemistry, Physiology, Genetics, etc.)
      • Internal Medicine (Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Rheumatology, etc.)
      • Imaging (Radiology)
      • Critical Care and Anesthesiology
      • Surgery
      • Urology
      • Ophthalmology
      • Otorhinolaryngology
      • Dermatology
      • Morphology and Pathology
      • Rare Disease Case Reports
      • Miscellaneous

      Society. Health. Welfare.

      Public Health

      • Behaviour Models in health communication
      • Health promotion
      • Primary, secondary and tertiary disease prevention
      • Social determinants of health
      • Risk factors and epidemiology of diseases
      • COVID-19    

      Health Systems Research

      • Governance and Financing of Health Systems
      • Person-Centered Health Services
      • Measuring and Improving Quality
      • Digital Health

      Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health

      • Human biomonitoring as re-evaluation and sentinel tool for health risks
      • Pandemic of occupational psychoemotional risks
      • Inclusive approach to ergonomic risks
      • Indoor air quality - reevaluated

      Psychological Care

      • Innovative Approaches to Health and Clinical Psychology
      • Supporting Technology in Psychological Therapies and Interventions

      Social Welfare

      • An eco-social perspective for the development of social services and the growth of the well-being of rural communities
      • Change management, innovations and leadership in social work
      • Culturally competent social work with refugees and asylum seekers
      • Digitalisation in social work education and practice

      Nursing and Midwifery

      • Leadership and management
      • Working environment, including technology solutions
      • Effective coverage of services
      • Multisectoral collaboration in health system


      • Law
      • International Relations and Political Science
      • Communication Studies
      • Social Anthropology
      • Economics and Business
      • Climate narratives

      University Teaching and Learning

      University Teaching and Learning

      • The digital competence of students and academic staff
      • Evidence of increased effectiveness of technology enhanced learning and teaching
      • Digital transformations of the study environment

      Simulation-Based Teaching and Learning

      Teaching and Learning Medical Humanities