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Prof. Dr. Winfried Meissner
Head of Pain Unit and Palliative Care Department
Dept. of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
Jena University Hospital

Winfried Meissner was appointed Head of Jena University Hospital’s Pain Unit in 1994, and Head of the Palliative Care Department in 2009. The Pain Unit covers all areas of pain management (acute pain service, outpatient service unit, inpatient consultation service, multimodal pain management program, interdisciplinary pain conference). Meissner and his group have initiated QUIPS in Germany and PAIN OUT (int.), two large pain registries to improve postoperative pain management and to facilitate health service research which resulted in a couple of landmark publications. In addition, he was coordinator of the NeuroPAIN project which has studied pain and neurologic consequences in sepsis survivors. He has broad teaching experience. He is coordinator of IMIPainCare's subproject PROMPT (setting up a registry to follow-up postsurgical pain). In 2020, he received the Robert G. Addison Award by the American Academy of Pain Medicine.
Meissner was President of the German Pain Society from 2021-2022 and now serves as Past President. He is member of several national and international societies including ESAIC and IASP. He is married and has five children.