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Professor of Psychology at University College London, researcher in addiction and behaviour change, focusing primarily on smoking and Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal, Addiction ( Robert West isdvisor to Department of Health Tobacco Policy Team, advisor to Public Health England Communications Team, advisor to Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority, advisor to English NHS Stop-Smoking Services, founder and Honorary Co-Director of National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training. He is member of NICE Programme Development committees: helped produce guidance on brief advice, behyaviour change, stop-smoking services, and tobacco harm reduction.editorial board of, a global resource of health professionals on effective treatments for tobacco dependence and author of ‘The SmokeFree Formula (Orion)’ a book that aims to bring the science of stopping to smokers, launched in December 2013 with translation contracts agreed so far in Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, French, Italian and German.