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Dr Michał Pałasz works as an Assistant Professor in the Chair of Contemporary Culture, Institute of Culture, Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. As a founding member of Jagiellonian University Climate Council he has co-created the Climate Strategy for his university. Member of Humanistic Management Network and co-founder of the Polish branch of this network, organizer of the Humanistic Management Conference since 2019.  
His research and teaching are focused on management in the Anthropocene, which Dr Pałasz understands as searching for and implementing ways to organize a sufficiently good common world in the era of climate-ecological catastrophe. His interests also include the actor-network theory, posthumanism, ecological humanities, humanistic management, critical management studies, sustainable development, degrowth. In 2022 Dr Pałasz published an edited book “Tick-tock, the End of the World. The Climate-Ecological Crisis in the Voice of Multiple Sciences” (open source, in Polish
As a climate activist he collaborated with the Climate JU bottom-up grassroots initiative and Extinction Rebellion, as an urban activist he co-brought to live a city park in Krakow. Culture and media manager, (co-)creator of a museum, a festival and a magazine, and many murals in Krakow. A dad.