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Amelia Guadalupe Grau, European PhD in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, associate professor of Physical Conditioning and Health at the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Castilla-La Mancha. Currently a member of the Spanish Biomedical Research Center on Fragility and Healthy Aging (CIBERFES) and a member of the Scientific Committee of the European College of Sports Sciences (ECSS). Her research focuses on the mechanisms that explain the optimization of exercise training in different populations, especially the effect of high-intensity strength training in the elderly, with an emphasis on intracellular signalling pathways.
Title and brief description of the talk
“Power it up! Role of high intensity exercise interventions in the management of frail older adults.” Frailty, a condition characterised by a progressive and multisystemic deterioration of the physiological reserve is very prevalent amongst older individuals. This session will focus on discussing the effect of multi-component high intensity exercise interventions in the prevention and treatment of frailty and multimorbidity.