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Dr. Alba Llop-Gironés is a scientist in the Nursing and Midwifery programme of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. She is a nurse and PhD in Public Health. She worked as a clinical nurse specialized in maternal and child health and, for a decade, as a researcher in the interface of policy and health system research, with a focus on health inequalities and health workforce. Alba also served as a consultant for governments and World Health Organization.

The experience gathered during her clinical practice, consultancy work, lectureship and research career from very different low- middle- and high-income countries in the African, European and Latin American Region brought her a broader vision of how our practice and knowledge as nurses are essential to influence policy and practice because we are the main actors taking care of patients, their families and fostering community participation.

On completion of her PhD entitled 'Social Determinants of Health and the Health System of Mozambique: Towards a Comprehensive Analysis of Health Inequalities' one of her main motivations was to step forward from gap-spotting to gap-filling, and she is strongly interested in promoting evidence-informed actions to address most pressing current challenges, in which supporting the countries to be responsive to the health needs of vulnerable populations is a key element.