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Matteo Lancini leads the Mechanical and Thermal Measurement Laboratory of the University of Brescia, Italy. He is also an associate of the Italian National Research Center (CNR-Stiima, Milan).
His research focuses on the development of measurement system for biomechanics, both for sport and rehabilitation.
In particular the group is interested in the development of measurement systems applied to humans interaction with objects in uncontrolled environments. In the clinic this means finding tools to help clinicians and therapist improve the rehabilitation process, especially when exoskeletons and robots are involved in the therapy. In the sport field this means finding ways to assess the athlete performance in outdoor settings and without interfering with the performance itself.
The most recent projects of the group regard testing systems to benchmark exoskeletons for locomotion (Eurobench consortium, Madrid), augmented reality feedback to improve crutches usage in patients with locomotion impairments (Rome, Milan, Riga), machine vision system to assess wheelchair propulsion for tennis athletes (Groningen), and wearable devices to improve training in different sports (clay shooting, downhill racing, sword fencing, Brescia).
Matteo received his PhD in Applied Mechanics from the University of Brescia on the development of a measurement systems to assess upper limbs internal forces in exoskeleton pilots. He was also a founding partner of poliBrixia, a company involved in systems for robotic rehabilitation (gloreha, lepre).
He is a member of International Society of Biomechanics, of the International Society of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.